Welcome to Falcons

Year 1/2 Falcons is our newest class taught by Mrs Bradshaw, supported by Mrs Life.  This is where the children begin Key Stage One.  The classroom is equipped with computers, an Interactive Whiteboard, an i Pad, Bee-Bots and Probots.  Falcons classroom is a light and airy learning environment.  It leads out onto an outside balcony area which the children and parents have planted with scented herbs and shrubs.  The children use the outside area as an extension of their classroom for outdoor learning.


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Our Class Blog


Falcons have learnt how to use watercolours this afternoon and have been using their new skills to paint watercolour pictures showing the Christmas story. Children chose their own scene to paint and have started some beautiful artwork!

Falcons had an amazing day at the KS1 Gymnastics festival in Torquay. We enjoyed a gymnastics demonstration by Harry  before the Harbertonford team performed their group routines in front of 5 other schools. All of the children had practised really hard, their routines were excellent and they got a special mention from Mr Tanner who said how proud he was. After that, the children went into the gymnastics training area where groups did circuits on some of the equipment including trampolines, balance bars and ropes. The children absolutely loved the day and should be very proud of themselves for representing Harbertonford in such a positive way.

Falcons have been studying habitats, so as an investigation they made nests out of hay, used a plastic bottle as a mouse and put a thermometer inside it. They left the nests outside all night then went up to measure and compare the temperatures in the morning. They all noticed that the mice in their cozy nests were much warmer than the one who had been out in the middle of the field!

Falcons class recently attended the KS1 summer sports festival at KEVICCS. The children enjoyed 8 different stations with a variety of activities and all joined in with great enthusiasm. Harbertonford even got a mention from Mr Lyndon for great behaviour and waiting so patiently for other teams to arrive. Well done Falcons!

Falcons had a fantastic trip to the Plymouth Aquarium on Thursday. Activities included starfish feeding, a shark talk, feeding the giant octopus and a hunt for answers to questions that the children had prepared. Falcons ended the day by watching scuba divers swimming in the shark tank and even learnt some diving sign language!

Falcons class had an indoor archery lesson recently. They learn’t about the sport and how to use the bow. It was quite tricky to get the arrow to hit the target but Gilbert managed to hit the bullseye!