Parents could you please bear the following in mind:

  1. If there are changes to the person collecting your child please could you inform Pre-school staff at drop off or please call the office
  2. Please could all children bring in a waterproof warm coat to pre-school each day. We always access our outside area throughout the sessions and the weather is not always kind.
  3. Please remember to check the “Parent Information Pocket” for newsletters and information.
Autumn term 2017 Topic web for Little Owls

Pre-School News

The pre-school have been given an early Christmas present. Thank you to the very generous donors. The children have really enjoyed playing with it already.


The children have spent the morning making magical reindeer food to leave out on Christmas Eve evening.


Preschool enjoyed rolling up our sleeves and cooking some delicious bread rolls. The children put all the ingredients in the bowl and help to weigh them out. We were kindly leant a wonderful mixer from the Kempton family and the children enjoyed watching the mixture blend together. We watched the dough get bigger and bigger. The children then rolled out and squished their rolls, Helen in the kitchen cooked them in her oven and the children took them home.


 The little owls had a wonderful blustery morning up on the field. The children played with balloons and watched them float around in the wind. We chased bubbles and managed to all have a go at blowing them too. After we had a lovely warm hot chocolate all together.


The following 2 photos were taken by Hattie, aged 3 years.