Parents could you please bear the following in mind:

  1. If there are changes to the person collecting your child please could you inform Nursery staff at drop off or please call the office
  2. Please could all children bring in a waterproof warm coat to nursery each day. We always access our outside area throughout the sessions and the weather is not always kind.
  3. Please remember to check the “Parent Information Pocket” for newsletters and information.

Nursery News

The children are challenging themselves and enjoying using the tyres. These were kindly resourced by Edie’s family. Thank you very much.
We had a very exciting visit from PC Vaughan, the children were waiting on the playground for him to arrive. The excitement as we could hear the siren approaching was building and we all cheered as the police car pulled onto the playground. PC Vaughan got the children to set up cones to form a rescue area. He talked about how he has to save people in the water, the children helped to save Mrs Rowe. PC Vaughan talked through his uniform and the children got to try on his hat, riot gear, and look and feel his badge. He then took finger prints for the children to take home.
The children enjoyed their phonics meatballs.
The children in owls and little owls have been celebrating Chinese New Year today. They have enjoyed a yummy special lunch with a Pig shortbread biscuit thank to Helen in the kitchen. In the afternoon the children took part in traditional ribbon dancing, they made Chinese lanterns and enjoyed trying to use the chopsticks to eat noodles, rice and fruit.
The children had been asking to do some cooking. So we all decided to do raisin flapjack. The children helped to watch the numbers on the scale to measure the ingredients. They took turns to stir the mixture, and chatted between themselves as they waited their turn. We all talked about cooking that we enjoy doing at home and smelt the yummy mixture. The children decorated bags kindly given by Helen in the kitchen. Helen watched over our flapjack for us in the oven and the children were excited to take home and share their flapjack with families.
This week we have had a focus on sharing and enjoying books and stories. The children have been involved in lots of small group and 1-1 story sessions. We have thought about what is happening next, how story’s may end and looking casually at the illustrations