Parents could you please bear the following in mind:

  1. If there are changes to the person collecting your child please could you inform Pre-school staff at drop off or please call the office
  2. Please could all children bring in a waterproof warm coat to pre-school each day. We always access our outside area throughout the sessions and the weather is not always kind.
  3. Please remember to check the “Parent Information Pocket” for newsletters and information.
Autumn term 2017 Topic web for Little Owls

Pre-School News

Today is our final day as our little pre- school family. We are excited for our fancy dress party and our celebrations this afternoon with families. As a team we have had the wonderful pleasure of watching these little people blossom and grow over their time with us. We will miss our older children but know they will really enjoy the exciting things ahead with Miss Morgan. For our returning children and families we look forward to seeing you all in September. Have a lovely summer.

Pre-school are so clever.  It looks like the feet painting might have tickled!

Today was an exciting yet sad day for pre school as we released our butterflies. The children were so patient waiting for the butterflies to find their confidence to fly. Reuben proved to be a popular resting choice!

Preschool are using the water system to experiment with the pipes and coils. The boys are guessing where the water will come out then testing to see if their prediction was correct. There is lots of giggling and excited screams as the pipes spray out the water in unexpected places!

Great excitement has hit pre-school. Our caterpillars have arrived!! We have been looking at insects, caterpillars and spiders, all thing creepy and crawly. We have now got a butterfly farm and we are watching our 5 caterpillars munch and grow. The children have named them, Gerry, Barry, Cacoon, Baya and Harry Potter. We would like to thank Toby’s family for sorting the arrival of our new friends.

“Gooey bugs” the children are exploring the textures of the Geli Baff. They are using some wonderful language, sticky, gloopy, like jelly, squidgy.