Welcome to Eagles

Eagles class is home to years 5 and 6 where we deliver an exciting and challenging curriculum and place emphasis on children having engagement in their learning. The class has developed our Forest School Area for the whole school to use and our children enjoy regular sessions outdoors which supports their learning in many of the curriculum areas.

Eagles are taught by Mr Charley, supported by Ms Wright.   Mr Charley is an experienced teacher who has a passion for Maths and Computing.  Ms Wright is also Forest School Lead at Harbertonford and other schools in The Link Academy Trust.


Eagles Topic Journey – You are what you eat

Our Class Blog

DT Project

Eagles created wooden picture frames today as part of our latest DT project. We carefully measured, cut, glued, clamped and painted the wood to create a range of rustic and traditional individual frames. We used saws, a mitre box for 45-degree cuts, framing clamps, v-nails, screws, wood glue and various attachments for securing photos and for hanging. As you can see, they look great!

Schools Hockey League

The school hockey team took part in the 2017 DHC Primary Schools Hockey League at KEVICC throughout November and December. The team faced tough opposition from 8 other schools and finished second overall! Their team spirit and skill shown was exemplary, particularly as they had not played together before. The whole team thoroughly enjoyed the experience and were very proud to receive their runners-up medals.

Eagles receive a letter from 10 Downing St.

At the end of term 4, Eagles researched the environmental issue of single-use plastic bottles ending up in our oceans and landfill sites. The pupils felt very strongly that the government should introduce a Return Deposit Scheme for plastic bottles in the UK. This would encourage more recycling and therefore reduce the levels of plastic litter which can take up to 500 years to decompose. We all wrote a persuasive letter to Prime Minister Theresa May and this week we received a letter back from 10 Downing Street to thank us for our letters and to inform that they have been passed on to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.