Welcome to Eagles

Eagles class is home to years 5 and 6 where we deliver an exciting and challenging curriculum and place emphasis on children having engagement in their learning. The class has developed our Forest School Area for the whole school to use and our children enjoy regular sessions outdoors which supports their learning in many of the curriculum areas.

Eagles are taught by Mr Charley, supported by Ms Wright.   Mr Charley is an experienced teacher who has a passion for Maths and Computing.  Ms Wright is also Forest School Lead at Harbertonford and other schools in The Link Academy Trust.



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Our Class Blog

Topic work.

Eagles began their Victorians topic by comparing children’s games and toys from Victorian times with modern games and technology. We then played Victorian street games in the playground including hopscotch, leapfrog, skipping and hoop-rolling. It was a lot of fun and the children were very creative with the basic equipment to create new or adapted games.

Eagles class researched vegetarian chilli recipes and chose a particularly tasty-sounding one to follow. We then decided which ingredients we would all bring in. We then took turns to chop, pour and measure the ingredients (following the recipe) and then cooked and ate the chilli. It was very spicy but delicious. Lots of the class came back for second helpings!


As part of Science Week 2018, Eagles class have been participating in a variety of science investigations/challenges. Today, we researched and discussed the materials, locations and structures of bird nests. We then worked in groups to construct bird nests in the hedgerow of the playing field. We mostly used natural materials found close by.


As part of our science lessons, Eagles class tested a variety of fabrics to compare how suitable they would be to make a waterproof jacket with. We measured how much water passed through the material in a given amount of time in order to compare them